Marianne Wakerlin
Portland, Oregon

Solmate Socks was started in the year 2000 by Marianne Wakerlin with the simple idea that “Life’s too short for matching socks.” As a lifelong textile artist with a wonderful eye for design and keen instinct for business, she knew there was a market for beautifully crafted, mismatched socks made right here in America. The company quickly grew out of a small room in her house to three different offices in the US and the UK. Solmate Socks product line also expanded to include hats, mittens, and scarves in addition to mismatched, colorful socks. When Marianne retired in 2015, her son and daughter-in-law dedicated themselves to carrying on the family tradition of creating highly coveted, treasured works of art that can be worn on your own two feet.

More than an apparel brand, they like to think of themselves as a destination for cultivating creativity and embracing individuality. Their whimsically mismatched socks and accessories are designed to accentuate style and natural beauty—meant to be worn with confidence and pride. Knowing that fashion and sustainability go hand-in-hand, they understand that every action they take today has an impact on tomorrow. This is why they are committed to using sustainably-sourced, eco-friendly fibers in every product they make, allowing their customers to embrace their individuality without compromising their earth-friendly principles. Constantly evaluating the social and environmental impacts of their decisions, they are proud to be part of a global movement of businesses working together for a positive change.

Always remember the Solmate Socks Slogan: “Life’s too short for matching socks!”