Jake & Sam
Seattle, Washington

Jake & Sam Jake and Sam are the noms de plume of two graphic designers who live in Seattle. Jake grew up in Upper Arlington and was called "Jake" until the fifth grade when he put a stop to the practice and demanded to be called his given name. Sam, who grew up outside of Washington D.C., was called "Sam" by his father for no apparent reason even though it isn’t his name (his father still doesn’t even know why). Jake and Sam met years later in Boston, started their own graphic design company, and moved to Seattle, where it doesn’t really rain as much as people think. A few years ago they realized that in the internet age there were fewer and fewer greeting cards that expressed their feelings so they embarked on designing typographically and quotably interesting cards for a range of sentiments: from birthday wishes to holiday cards, cards of love for Mothers and Fathers, to grateful acknowledgements of thanks. They won’t, however, be designing sympathy cards because, well, just because. All cards are proudly made in Seattle.

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