Mike Mikutowski
Menominee, Michigan

Mike Mikutowski Founded in 1986 by Mike Mikutowski and his wife Liz, Mikutowski Woodworking is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and specializes in high-quality jewelry boxes, desk boxes, and picture frames. Mike designs the pieces, builds the jigs, and when necessary, creates custom equipment to create the pieces. Aside from the laser-engraving machine, no computerized equipment is utilized. In fact, most of the equipment Mike uses in his shop dates to the 1940s, when heavy, precise industrial equipment was still manufactured in this country.

Whether it’s a small desk clock or a six-drawer jewelry chest, Mike’s passion is evident in the masterful workmanship and fine details of each piece. One of Mike’s main goals is to allow the wood’s natural grain to shine through in the final product, and to this end no stain is used in the manufacturing process. Only a clear lacquer is applied to the pieces in order to give a beautiful luster and ensure durability.

Mike has published articles on woodworking and product design for Fine Woodworking and Weekend Woodworking Projects magazines.


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