Stephanie Baynes
Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts

Marshes, Fields & Hills was the accident that marries Stephanie Baynes’ passion for crafts with a love of the natural beauty of her local community, Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts. For years, Stephanie juggled roles of wife, mom, intensive-care nurse, fitness enthusiast, and part-time artist. In 2012, Stephanie, who has always been a craft enthusiast, designed a pillow sham with a canvas fabric and personalized it by painting the name of her family's favorite beach: Humarock. Soon, her neighbors wanted one. Then, the local General Store asked to sell them. Within months, MFH pillows were being sold in retail stores and boutiques throughout New England ... and today, throughout the country. Brainstorming customized messages and themes that will sell well in retail stores is one of Stephanie’s favorite things. These custom pillows are hand-made, hand-painted, imperfect! 

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