Lorraine Oerth
Alexandria, Virginia

Lorraine Oerth says she always knew she was an artist. Graduating art school in her twenties, Lorraine spent 15 years as a studio potter, but left the field to start an executive search business. Then, at age 60, Lorraine started a production pottery studio in Alexandria, Virginia, making handcrafted stoneware, earthenware, and porcelain. Being a studio potter combined Lorraine’s love of sculpting, printmaking, painting, and designing. The company is now a family business with daughter Paula and husband Karl serving in management positions. Paula offers a background in large scale crafts manufacturing as well as being an artist/craftsperson herself. Karl hand crafts the bowls with a unique creative flair. Lorraine Oerth & Company is most famous for their “Giving Bowls” and “Giving Hearts”– small glazed bowls stamped with inspirational words that encourage and nurture the soul.

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