Cheryl Stevens Studio
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

After closing her Sault Ste. Marie gift shop of eleven years, Cheryl Stevens was ready to take on a new project. Art degree in hand, and an old ceramic kiln in her backyard shed, Cheryl decided to combine her passion with her business experience and opened Cheryl Stevens Studio. “Retail was in my blood and I had an innate desire to make and create. I just went with my gut and decided to pursue this business,” states Cheryl.

Cheryl's ceramic creations were gaining popularity which inspired her to travel to local art shows on the weekends. She soon realized a niche market. Over the past decade, Cheryl has travelled to art shows all over the United States selling her work. Starting in 2016, she began offering her artwork in stores across the country.

Cheryl Stevens Studio has made a significant impact in her community: she has hired a team of seven women local to Sault Ste. Marie to work on producing her designs. In doing so, Cheryl provides a place in her community where women are able to have respectable careers doing good work. 

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