Sandra Bonazoli & Jim Dowd
Bristol, Rhode Island

Jim Dowd and Sandra Bonazoli at Beehive Handmade Husband and wife team Jim Dowd and Sandra Bonazoli created Beehive Handmade in 1999. They were brought together by their love of the craft of metalsmithing, working with hand tools, and making meaningful things. Inspired by the design of old kitchenware and home decor items they found at estate sales and flea markets, Jim and Sandra are dedicated to making beautiful items that are both functional and decorative. Their collections now include baby products, holiday ornaments, jewelry, and ceramics, as well as kitchenware.

Both Jim and Sandra hold MFA degrees in jewelry and metals from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Beehive Handmade’s metalsmith pieces are handcrafted from high quality materials in Bristol, Rhode Island.