Uncle Goose: Classic ABC Blocks with Wagon

Uncle Goose

At last, you can own a 100% American-made vehicle. This Michigan basswood wagon provides sturdy storage and transportation for 28 ABC blocks. The Wheel treads? They’re lathed in Maine. We engraved a handsome Uncle Goose logo on the bumper. Tote, sort, and store your blocks in this clever little wagon.

The blocks? 28 of them featuring four full alphabets. Colorful numbers, math symbols, and a menagerie of hand-crafted animals.

Close your eyes and touch the blocks. You’ll feel a refined filigree. Can you guess the two letters embossed on each block just by feeling them? This simple game challenges players to use their senses, recognize letters, and explore spatial relations.

Now, open your eyes. Instead of the typical, in-your-face primary and secondary colors you see in many children’s toys, Uncle Goose created a soft and subtle color palette for our Classic ABC Blocks. Children and adults appreciate visual nuance and subtlety.

Children and adults can play a zillion different games with Classic ABC blocks. And when you’re done playing—Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks can grace your playroom space with their quiet and thoughtful beauty.

  • 28 – 1.75 inch cubes
  • Made using sustainable Midwestern basswood
  • Printed with non-toxic, mouth safe inks
  • Ages: 2+




William & Pete Bultman
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Uncle Goose was founded by William Bultman in 1983 after he learned no one in the USA seemed to be making wood blocks for children anymore. Today the company is run by his son Pete, who has expanded his father’s vision from ABC blocks to include nursery rhymes, dinosaurs, mathematics, and much more.


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