Terrafirma Ceramics: Medium Serving Bowl: Fern Cobalt

Terrafirma Ceramics

This spectacular and truly unique handmade Terrafirma Ceramics Medium Serving Bowl, in the Fern pattern and Cobalt color, is alive with color and texture! Made entirely by hand and kiln-fired to extremely high temperatures, each elegant piece has its own personality and great durability. Slight variations in color, texture, and surface blushing are the natural and desired result of the hand building and high-firing process, and assure each piece of its individuality. Mix and match with other Terrafirma pieces to create a one-of-a-kind tabletop look. Every Terrafirma Ceramics piece is signed and dated by Ellen Evans, and is completely food and dishwasher safe.

Care: Care for your Terrafirma pieces as you would any fine china. When using your accessories in the oven, please start from room temperature in a cold oven. The microwave may be used for warming, meaning no more than two minutes.

Dimensions: Approximately 11.5" diameter x 3"d




Ellen Evans
New York City, New York

Ellen Evans grew up in a creative environment surrounded by a family of musicians, but it was not until college that she began experimenting in visual arts. Her first production pieces were large urns inspired by ancient Minoan and Mycenaean designs. However, her work soon shifted to tableware, which has become the defining signature of her career. The artist founded Terrafirma Ceramics in New York City 1980. She produces simple silhouettes made vibrant by her focus on texture and pattern, created by painting through textiles and fine lace. Evans continues to produce her work out of her studio in New York City, the largest of only a few potteries left in NYC.

Category: All Cobalt, Bowls


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