Shari Dixon Cuff: Take Me to Tahiti Cobalt, Large Square

Shari Dixon

The pressed Viola leaves and Hydrangea flowers are preserved in resin and set in a silver plated pewter bezel, on a silver plated adjustable cuff.

Shari Dixon’s beautiful work is “jewelry derived from nature.” Trained in graphic design with a strong background in fashion, Shari utilizes real botanicals that are sealed in resin. The results are whimsical and extremely unique designs of personal adornment.

Hydrangea: The name “hydrangea” comes from the Greek word meaning "vessel". Native to North American, these blooms can also be found in the far east. In general, the hydrangea stands for friendship, devotion, and understanding. The blossoms of the hydrangea are treasured for their boldness and delicacy and are the flower symbol for the fourth wedding anniversary.

Bezel Dimensions: Approximately 1.25"w x 1.375"h




Shari Dixon
Collierville, Tennessee

Since 2003, Shari Dixon has merged her graphic design training with a strong background in fashion to create a line of jewelry that is not only timeless and artistically well rounded, but stylish as well. A firm believer that women want to feel beautiful, feminine, and strong all at once, her motifs incorporate natural elements and mixed media such as pressed flowers, leaves, and herbs, immortalizing their fragile lives by sealing them in a poly resin, preserving the form, and adding a spectacular glazing effect.

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