Little Guys: Octopus

Little Guys by Cindy Pacileo

These Little Guys ceramic animals are happy, playful, sassy, and sometimes even a bit silly—and they are SO CUTE! Perfect as a gift or just for yourself. Each is hand formed and painted and may vary slightly from the photo.

Dimensions: 2.25"w x 1.25"h x 1.5 MADE IN USA MADE IN USA



Cindy Pacileo
Vilas, North Carolina

Cindy Pacileo grew up in a large artistic family in Dayton, Ohio. She began scupting animals in clay in 1973 and, attracted by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, moved to a small valley near Boone, NC, to raise her daughter and craft a life. Ever since then she has had fun every day adding personality to each of her little animals.

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