Jonathan’s Spoons: Flame Blackened Coffee Scoop

Jonathan's Spoons

This scoop holds approximately 1/8 cup. If you keep this scoop in the bin with your coffee it keeps it oiled nicely and receives the scent of coffee. The black is almost the color of coffee.  

Made from solid cherry wood. Band-saw cut, finely sanded, with food grade mineral oil finish. The ebony like finish comes from flame blackening without any toxic chemicals. With proper care, your new Jonathan’s Spoons will last a lifetime. Clean with soap and warm water and occasionally oil them with mineral oil or coconut oil using a paper towel or cloth. Will not scratch non-stick cookware.

Dimensions: 5 inches




Jonathan Simons
Kempton, Pennsylvania

Jonathan Simons started carving spoons over 35 years ago in his garage in Maine. After moving back to his home state of Pennsylvania, he started Jonathan’s Spoons and has since grown it into a successful craft business. He is joined by his two brothers, Shawn and Neil Claypoole, who have helped create many of his designs.

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