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Danforth Pewter

The annual Danforth ornament for 2020 was crafted as a message of peace, love, and a feeling of unity.

Turtle doves are a symbol of love and devotion. These doves are nestled so tightly together they almost form one figure with their wings slightly touching, creating the shape of a heart. You can see the unity and love they have for one another-a calming, peaceful feeling. This is the type of relationship we wish to share with our loved ones and our community. All Is Calm is a reminder to hold tight to the ones you love and to the things that make you feel whole, safe, and connected. We are all together.

Dimensions: 2"w x 2.5"h




Fred & Judi Danforth
Danforth Pewter
Middlebury, Vermont

Over 40 years ago, Fred and Judi Danforth began handcrafting beautiful pewter products in an old milk barn in Woodstock, Vermont. Now located in Middlebury, Vermont they continue to create beautiful objects, rooted in simplicity and functionality, and designed to stand the test of time. Everything they produce is hand crafted in Vermont and made from lead-free pewter.

Category: Ornaments

Type: T4HOR

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