Central & Gus: Greeting Card: Glory Bellevue Cardinal

Central & Gus

Glory Bellevue Cardinal

Inside: Blank inside

On the back of each Central & Gus Greeting Card is a whimsical tale of the animal featured on the front (see below). Entirely collectible, these stories intertwine, creating a much loved community of characters. Central & Gus donates a portion of gross sales to animal welfare.

Dimensions: 4.5"w x 6.25"h


On the back of the card: On their wedding day, Glory Bellevue Cardinal’s great-grandparents received a hand-forged compass, a commission of the village smithy and beautifully wrought in gleaming golds, silvers, and coppers. And while they presumed it was to be used on their upcoming honeymoon travels, it proved to be a tool of much greater magnitude. Inside was the inscription, ‘stay true’. Certainly this could have indicated marital fidelity, but the meaning was far more textured. Use the compass to guide, but first decide the direction. Then, stay true to your purpose and your path.

In a time when choices were fewer, freedom of will an extravagance, and survival seemingly the only focus, the couple knew that trivial distractions were simply unacceptable. Risk, chance, and hope were reserved for the things that truly mattered. If they knew their direction; what they wanted; what they loved; and they worked faithfully to get there, they would make it, and it would be worth it. They could do it, one deliberate wing flap at a time. For the wind could either take them in its direction, or they could use it as a tool to take them where they wanted to go.

As they grew older, they passed the golden-hued compass on to their child. Leaning on their own experience, and to help him find his own direction, they underlined the existing message with their own inscription: INTERIORA VIDE - look within. By the time it was given to Glory by her father, yet another was added: Set your direction by cant of wing not cast of wind.

Glory thought of this as she carved tight turns into the wind, letting it lift her ever higher then, with a feather’s shift, pivoting on point. She could change direction on the spot and hasten or slow just as readily. If she knew how to use her wings, the wind became a tool instead of a governor. With intention, she could go in any direction she chose, however far, however fast, however high.

While she isn’t yet ready to hand the precious compass to her child, she has already added her message to the others: Y UNA ORACION. Because, if she knows where she wants to be, on a wing she can get there. But a little prayer can always help along the way.


Laura Morrish
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Artist Laura Morrish, the creator of Central & Gus, has been inspired her entire life by the wildlife she encountered on her family’s farm in Canada. Creating a community of characters based on real animals, and filled with quirky imagery and uplifting tales, the Central & Gus family is sure to bring smiles and reminders of special places and experiences!

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