Central & Gus: Greeting Card: Mon Treble

Central & Gus

Mon Treble Cuban Tree Frog

Inside: Blank inside

On the back of each Central & Gus Greeting Card is a whimsical tale of the animal featured on the front (see below). Entirely collectible, these stories intertwine, creating a much loved community of characters. Central & Gus donates 10% of gross sales to animal welfare.

Dimensions: 4.5"w x 6.25"h


On the back of the card: As a pollywog, Mon Treble Cuban Tree Frog saw himself as just another fish. He looked the same as the guppies in the neighbourhood, and did the same things … but there was this feeling. And it was a feeling that wouldn’t pass. Though he’d never say out loud, Mon realized that his was not meant to be a life aquatic. For a wee pollywog, the possibility of anything different was simply unfathomable, though it took over his dreams. He could focus on nothing else. Each day that passed brought change. None of it was easy; some of it was downright painful, but his heart had already packed its bags and now his body was morphing to enable the move. While his buddies were in school, draughting with the current, ebbing and flowing with the waves, he was quickly becoming a fish out of water. He knew where he was meant to be; he knew it was time to go.

Trepidacious at the leaving and the newness of the present, yet excited about the future; the learning; the growing; he pressed on. He found others that had come before—other Cuban Tree Frogs. They welcomed him, introduced him to a new community, a new culture, and gave him a sense of belonging. Now, he bounds with the vim of an acrobat from branch to branch to branch. He sees just how many times he can wrap his tongue around a triple decker ice cream cone. And he sings in the full moonlight. It most certainly isn’t what he was expecting from his life, but oh, when he followed his heart, it was so much more.


Laura Morrish
Pembroke Pines, Florida

Artist Laura Morrish, the creator of Central & Gus, has been inspired her entire life by the wildlife she encountered on her family’s farm in Canada. Creating a community of characters based on real animals, and filled with quirky imagery and uplifting tales, the Central & Gus family is sure to bring smiles and reminders of special places and experiences!

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