Arcadia Publishing: German Village Stories Behind the Bricks by John M. Clark

Arcadia Publishing

Did you know that German Village’s Recreation Park, now gone, is thought to have had the first baseball concession stand? Or that the four-story Schwartz Castle was the site of two murders? Or that the popular restaurant Engine House No. 5 closed its doors after the mysterious disappearance of its owners in the Bermuda Triangle?

Longtime resident and tour guide John M. Clark goes behind the bricks of more than seventy German Village properties—including Helen Winnemore’s—to explore the places and people who made the Old South End into a Columbus treasure!

6"w x 9"h
192 Pages


John M. Clark
German Village, Ohio

John M. Clark is a copywriter and video producer and has lived in German Village for over two decades. He was in retail advertising in TV and radio for seventeen years and a news anchor, reporter, and producer for thirteen years prior to that. John is a former board member and current member of the German Village Society. He promotes German Village through tours of the historic district and history-related videos shot for the society. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Western Kentucky University.